Run Away Life

Written by: marymkilker marymkilker

A small town with no where to run.
Many friends, a love of one.
Family close blood of some.
Choices given, choices taken.

Run away to a road of awakening.

Arrived in a city where walking places feels of shame.
Men making advances a gross cry of games.
Being nice looking isn't always a good thing.
Where is pride when you cannot smile and give a nice hello?

A small town held safety on the streets.
A secure feeling in the city you cannot reap.
The desire to hold one was the drive to leave.

Running away meant to run and hide.
A trade was made, a trade that was wide.
From a quiet night with a view of the sky, frogs calling from their wild.
To a city that never sleeps.
The fast lane is set in which my work shall devour and breed.

For knowledge is the key that never ends.
For all is only new when you thought it was the end.

Running away, Running away from all that you like.
To hide brings up more of that, of which you left behind.

Stop in your tracks and see where you are, for one will keep running
until you can run no more.

Running away, Running away, supports a roller coaster life.

With no seeds to sow many roads to hoe.

Run Away, Run Away, Run Away Life.

Copyright@march 2010  MaryMMcShirley/Kilker