Undress my mind ( Is about looking beyond what your eyes cannot see)

Written by: Dean Masciarelli

Undress my mind

Written By Dean Masciarelli

November 2, 2010 (9:38am)

Undress my mind; and look 
this mortal body of mine;
and you may be pleasantly 
surprised; at what you may find ;

Just take your time ; to get  
through the 
barriers ; one layer at a time;

Because you will discover ;
if you will look a little bit closer; 
and beyond this outer skin of mine;

That you will find out for yourself;
that I am a unique 
individual; that is truly one of a kind.

Please feel free to stop by my other site so that you can also enjoy listening to the music that I have included with the poem  http://poetrypoem.com/cgi-bin/index.pl?sitename=poet3238&item=home&poetry=true, Have a wonderful week,sincerely Dean.