Written by: shirin neshat

My body is shaking,
Hearing my own voice breaking,
Through my lungs,
Breathing hard,
My eyes see blur,
To the truth thats there.

Should put my guards high,
Not to trust no one but God,
I feel like I am odd,
But I should have plodder, 
In what I do not!
I should have figure out the dots,
Earlier as I thought,
But now my temper is hot.

OMG! What have I done?
Why did I trust?
Though I shall not, 
Sat in a conner of my room,
Quiet and nothing to do.

The door opened wide,
She started to lie,
With pride,
Why are home late?
She said it with hate!

Things aren't the same,
When I came back home,
Now she is on flame,
She claims: my house and my rules,
I graduated late! There is no jobs,
But this isn't fair!

Stuck in a hole,
Feels like a prison,
What am I supposed to do?
Not act my age?
Or sit here and be depress?
And express my feelings,
To those who understand me not!

Ever since I was a little girl
I felt like she isn't my mother,
I felt like I am an orphan,
Nobody understands me,
She monitored me, every where I go
I felt betrayed,
I will never ever trust her,
I know my intuitions were right.