Winters Snow

Written by: steven markham

Each Crystal shape fell white and clear
spreading a film of shimmering snow
like a curtain of voile draped from heavens door
on earths patchwork quilt below

Softly silently swirling
as busy clouds darkened the blue
and each snowdrop covered the bravest of buds
while the raging blizzard grew.

From the silent hills to the valleys below
the wind in her frenzied flight
tears at the heart of creatures small
and covers the earth in a blanket of white.

Bush and saplings cower closer
the weakest will surely fall
no haven now for tiny wings
no sound,no plaintive call.

The wild wind spent of her fury
leaves a wilderness in her wake
the curtain now a shroud, enclosed
the silent frozen waste.

Alone stands proud the holly
as she shakes her mantle free
nestled in the rich brown earth
beneath her boughs of evergreen.

Lies a patch of  gallant snowdrops
and a little touch of spring.