African Prince

Written by: Damona Efraim

I saw you from a distance 
and i could not fight the resistance 
To go over and touch 
I felt my hand reachin out 
yet i remained still.. 

I know you felt me last night at the party 
As my eyes caressed 
Every inch of you all night 
My feelings so careless 
From a far 
But I remained still.. 

A brush of your touch 
something rare as such 
I thought it could never be 
but you walked passed me 
Leavin' an air of you Cologne 
And yeah, once again I remained still... 

For I'm an African woman 
and it is not my place to talk 
About the longin' I feel 
And about the troubles you put in my heart... 

African Prince can you feel me? 
Can you feel my love, 
that powers the power in me 
Yet remains so dormant 
waiting to be unleashed.. 

To a whole new world 
That only you can reveal....