Reflection Of A Limetree Beach Paradise

Written by: Gwen Schutz

I see the image of a white sandy beach,
Caressing the beautiful blue green water.

The tall palm trees randomly rooted along the shore,
Protecting all who walk there, keeping them cool on a warm day.

The cabanas on the beach, excellent shelter from the rays of the sun,
The white sand with the many shells along the walkway.

The beach volleyball court nearby where friendly games are played,
A walk to the elegant condominiums and swimming pool.

A refreshing and pleasurable swim in the exquisite swimming pool,
White and green tables and chairs by the pool side.

Lounge chairs where you can sit and view the beautiful paradise,
Perhaps read your favorite book or novel, reflection of a Limetree beach paradise.

Author: Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz