Spirit Catcher

Written by: Sheri Fresonke Harper

Come to me by moonlight on All Hallow's Eve
rise up from the grave and let your spirit raise
coat me with frost breath, sing to me your boos
I am hungry for the past days of scariness and fools.

Come to me at the graveyard, soar above the marble
whisper to me of your life and loves, don't wait
for your proper turn, don't lie lonesome beneath dirt.
There's an ear for every sorrow and a promise of corn

if on All Hallow's Eve you find your way to my side.
There we'll drink spiced wine and toast past days
when bodies were a hindrance and our emotions raged
we'll wonder about starlight and planet scapes

and talk to three a.m, if you come to me at midnight
and touch my spirit to yours. The clock will tick as count
the oaks will zither a tune, the lowing cows and rats
rustle will speak of night's safety and an alternate way.

Tell me of your curtains, the end of your way of life,
tell me of your children, the last of your family line,
tell me of your lover's kiss, the last treasure you held
before you wandered free of the earth's reach
every all Hallow's Eve, every chance you were freed
and if you are lonesome or traveling a new domain.