The World We Live In

Written by: Stacy Stiles

Don’t blink
Don’t dare
Dare to love
Dare to hate
Hate the weak
Hate the strong
Strong hold
Strong arm of the Law
Law of gravity
Law of time
Time to change
Time to hear
Hear the pain
Hear the cries
Cries of man
Cries of children
Children skipping
Children fishing
Fishing for faith
Fishing for hope
Hope runs dry
Hope is why we feed
Feed to energize
Feed to revive
Revive this state
Revive this broken world
World of hatred
World of garbage
Garbage day is coming
Garbage will be collected
Collected in masses
Collected by heartless hands
Hands of evil
Hands of the corrupted
Corrupted conglomerates
Corrupted by money
Money holds the key
Money is power
Power of the mind
Power of the state
State your business
State your opinions
Opinions no longer matter
Opinions are yesterday’s news
News of famish
News of death
Death of all lies
Death is our future