Written by: Daniel Cwiak

   Summer's dress is gone
   Darken the colors for warmth.
   Crops now in harvest,
   leaves come tumbling down to earth...
   Indian Summer is here.

   Cold days, colder nights
   Fireplace sings its wooden song.
   Cords stacked in rows,
   sentinel woods wait outside...
   Snuggling up with one you love.

   Night comes on too fast
   The big yellow moon stands out.
   Vees of geese fly south
   against the gray sky of day...
   Time to change the clocks, again.

   Holiday spirits!
   Ghosts, Ghouls, and Goblins abound.
   Children seek rewards
   going to houses unknown...
   "Trick or Treat" is the password.

   How I love this time
   Knowing that year's end is nigh.
   Give thanks to the Lord
   for His generous nature...
   All seen in Autumn's splendor!