Okay But What Do I Say?

Written by: Sheri Fresonke Harper

The poem you wrote missed my heart
it had no words of emotional chew.

After reading the words, what could I say
you'd said them all but they added up to okay.

When I slithered over the alphabet,
I smelled no phew, grit never stuck, water didn't drip.

And then there are the times when my hands
kept tapping so fast so furious I just sat back

didn't have any more energy and to snip snap
clackety-clack was plain wiped out of my self.

But the most times I miss the comment and viewed
Susie was in love, heart broken, in a stew

the eye of the needle, the jump over the moon,
the clock ticking all sounded just good, 

but I had no newness from you
when I needed the pain sizzle of lightning,

a jigjag jangle against purple while orange daisies
danced a jig on the grave of enemy number one

boring, ordinary life in a cage with no ale biting tongue
no kisses probing into the curls under my toes.