The Beauty of it All

Written by: Kim Hilliker

Pure beauty is eternal bliss.
It permeates our existence
And lightens a burdened soul.
The most beautiful thing is love
(Without judgment or assumption)
Fostering acceptance that—
Nourishes the famished 
And empowers the meek. 

Aesthetics make a pleasing world
They personify lasting trends,
Stimulate creative minds, 
And entertain world consciousness.
Delight embraces desire,
Passionate words inspire,
Art refutes retire,
All get to admire.

To be of beautiful spirit
Unleashes outward radiance--
A gratifying notion
To be of a beautiful mind
Fetches cognitive recognition--
An honorary triumph
Loving your own beauty
Transcends all other thought. 

***Inspired by Catie Lindsey's "Focus on Syllables" Contest***