Silhouette of a broken home

Written by: Charles Melody Lightning Ink

[5]He sits in a corner 
Like a stranger in wander.
He knew it wasn't worth it
Yet asunder became winner,
Now he is a lone ranger
For giving in to the 
Home breaker.
Anger, slander, character,
Causing matrimonial

[10]He carried his lunchbox
In order to catch up with
The school bus...,
Pale, pathetic, not to 
Miss daddy's absence
Is a paradox,
For he could not understand
Why things are thus.
All he knew is daddy's
Painful absence.

[15]All day long his image crept in,
She tried to let it go but 
It remained within.
Her bed seemed bigger
And the time looked slower,
Love missing in action,
For anger, slander, character, causing
Matrimonial disaster.

[20]Silhouette of a broken home,
Love turned sour...
If you think is to garbage
And retire, then you're
A lair and a romantic slacker
For letting the innocent
Child suffer...