Written by: Daniel Cwiak

  N ow that the Mid-Term Elections are near
  O ne of the things that we always hear
  N ot one of the candidates will give his agenda
  E ach one flings mud that could stick on my fender.

  O h, how I wish that our process was different
  F or electing those representatives who are significant.

  T hough I am not enthralled by the prospect
  H ere in my own way I must interject...
  E lections are only won when people vote with intellect.

  A ccording to most of the talking heads we hear
  B oth parties have candidates of which we should have no fear.
  O nly the candidates will tell you that they get a bad rap
  V ery often, however, the voter is the sap ~ Yet,
  E ach one of us must vote his conscience...like I just did!