blotted out

Written by: anthony beesley

reading the rhymes in the lambs book of life...reality that cuts cold like a knife
reading the raps and the riddles...never a slave to the devil and his 1000 string fiddles
i see the sights and hear the sounds of a billion sinner souls that scream and shout...
blotted out

snatch the silver and grab the gold
rob the riches...ride and roll
make the money...clock the cash...piles of paper turn to ash
mice and men they go to races filled with rage
burn the book and turn the page
under the spotlight they're melting on the stage
no brakes on the blasphemy bus...some fools just can't stop...
blotted out

mad magicians keep turning tricks
with soul subtraction coins gettin flipped
droppin dimes in bottomless wells
insane...infected...sickened spells
sing the song and tell the tale
the doomed they weep and wail with need and want...
blotted out

spiders and snakes all hatching eggs...drugees,dummies,drooling dregs
snares and traps and stuck in wicked webs
hell and horror...chained to beds
killed with kisses of the dead
locked and loaded...several times shot
blotted out

standing at the gates they all spew curses
rants of rage and venomous verses
waiting on those long black herses that drag them to hades
no more money,mansions or million dollar mercedes
too late to turn back as their names get dropped...
blotted out