Soul stealing

Written by: anthony beesley

it starts off slow...slight breeze like a whisper
like burnt toast in a crisper
one black cloud in the sky but i can't see the silver lining...eclipsing the sun
gettin lost in the living while i get drunk with the dead
now my mind starts to bend
s.o.s. now i'm sending to falsified i worship pollution in poisonous ponds
by villians and vixons i'm gettin robbed
now i'm the fool of the village...plundered and pillaged
one more drink the devil keeps dealing...
sad soul that he's stealing

my heart beats hard like a wardrum banging
love,life,and from death trees hanging
singing and swinging and pounding sweating fists against the wall
bricks start to break as i can hear chaos make its long distance call
cracked and crumbled and exposed to evil
now i stagger and i stumble while the gruesome and the gory start to growl and grumble
now i'm set on fire and i'm turning into flames
no health no healing...
sad soul that he's stealing

another drink and another drug...another wind up toy turns into a twisted thug
diamonds turn into dust
truth turns into lies and trust turns into rust
saints turn into sinners and winners they weep
demons creep where angels sleep
never say never...from the largest to the least
on legacies of lunacy i keep leaning...
sad soul that he's stealing