Written by: Herb Alyètte

Ye ancient land O’ bonnie hue
A bonnie haze on lochs of black
Divide the colour, take me back
To wash my eyes with Fall, imbue
The highlands with a McCulloch hand
Take me back to Autumnland

Softly, softly toes on glens
I trod the braes the peaceful host
The quiescent land of Wallace’s ghost
Once horror valleys shroud in the ben
A witness to yon fallen clans
Take me back to Autumnland

A rugged Skye of misty chill
A blanket cloud a calming bourne
From the mystic sea in gloam and morn
To a hazel lass in tartan twill
Proverbially by the shore she stands
Oh take me back to Autumnland

Oh let me freely stray the moors
Wind the strath of Gaelic roams
Before the low road takes me home
Still and steep in treasured lore
Aye take me back to Autumnland
Take me back to Scotland