Ticking of the clock...

Written by: sarah hales

Not what it seems the ticking of the clock
A secret dream secret liason a secret to tease
I can not breathe till I feel your hands upon my skin
Your force against the wall that makes me crawl
You say no I say yes we will not fall
We open the door to sin we are own seducers

No talk no spoken lie just you and I
Difference in lives but we are both alone in cries
Remember the first time the kiss that held on
The smile that was a turn on 
An innocences that was turned around
It is not love it is passion in what we found

Walk away after all the ticking of the clock ticks
Is so not far away untill the next brings its tricks
Reality takes the hours so soon after our lovers fix
You and I know the rule 
Years have passed still the affair of you 
Its never how it seems for it is this which is only true