Written by: Juan Paolo Galua

Open to me your cryptic chasm

I hereby relinquish my spiteful state

Swallow my soul into your pit

Where nothing save void exist


To them I am nothing but a walking bone

Embellished by time with bent back,

Balding head, grilled skin, and rotten teeth

With some wisdom whitening my hairs


I hear the thrilled heart beat of worms

Under my bed, behind the floors, into the earth

They’re exalted to vibe my faltering grace

For sooner or later they’ll celebrate a feast


I’m ready to depart but somehow I’m afraid

If my carvings on love one’s heart will be erase

Or if my legacy will waver in the air

So I can’t help but hold on tightly in my bed


Stealthily my warmth fumes out of me

And cold prowled in, weakening my pulse

As my mind plays my life’s clip in a span of a wink

While death reaps my ripe soul edible for harvest