Written by: nette onclaud

l.  it was seven octobers of knowing you
through refrains of musk earth and rosette skies ,
we lay with hands outstretched 
under a family of flowering trees
riddled with moonlit pearls
feasting on legs entwined, laughing at shared tears.

we were everywhere,
between the falling of leaves and rising of our gazes,
the twilight fondling our fragrant tresses sweet

ll.  and so it is,
at some  absent place, at some  errant time
with strains of  our song “lost in space”,
you dashing off with your shoestrings
that meant , “maybe, i no longer care”…
yet, those screeches of madness turned 
to wrapping of hands in prayer,
the midnights dark with rattling trees and shared tears

lll.  and still, , deep upon our soul's abiding request
we blazed our torches rafting with angels’ praise 
through refrains of musk earth and rosette skies,
we vow to sacred, godly rites
that flames in the wilderness will never cry.
yellow roses upon my feet, goddess of dawn
and saint of peace,
there is a lifetime of octobers gathering budding seeds,
if we feel that what is, 
can be golden discovery weekends indeed.

Love Poem ( Old/ New)Contest of P.D.