October nectar

Written by: Anna-Marie Docherty

Sleep don't come once more
the vampires are out
longing to bite this virgin neck 
to taste sweet nectars
fruits of Halloween

A two pronged fork 
those incisors permeate the skin
Floods rise and well over
as you drink me in
with passionate greed

Tidal torrents pulsate
as my heart thumps then slows
Faint I grow weak
whilst you grow strong
fulfilled with desires need

You thrive but do not live
for you are bound to the abyss
the depths of darkness
controlled by day 
yet free to roam in nights shadows

Unaccepted  set apart abnormal
you verge on cannibalistic traits
amongst human nature 
barbaric you stalk your prey
like wildest beast next meal

Only hunted down yourself
will you stop
when slaughtered in defeat
with stake through heart
will you fade from our world