Following You Home

Written by: Sheri Fresonke Harper

Clink clank clink clank clink clank
slow steady pace, metal hitting pavement
pausing when you pause
following you home, the man is bones

and a tie, top hat, tails, not tap shoes
more like chains, the sound a horseshoe makes
when it hits the stake, clink clank
what does he want, why follow you home?

His teeth gleam of green fire, his hands haloed
by electric blue, he's a Halloween special
turned out just for you, clink clank
he wants to touch you, better run

His eyes are on fire, he's spewing smoke
from his nostrils, there's no place to hide
clink clank is faster clank clank clank
has your breath caught in chest yet?

When he touches you, you'll melt, one touch
you're on fire, one scream from your mouth
brings no one out to save you from his wrath
clink clink better speed clink clink nearer ever nearer

Is it candy that fuels him? Toss a Mars Bar or two,
toss the whole pillow sack, watch it burst in flame
there's a door if you can reach it, just up the hill
huff puff clink clank, there's a door with a wreath

Flowers black as coal, it opens a bit, precious light
spews forth, saying welcome your welcome
if only you can outrun him, outrun the bone man
the man with top hat clink clank clink clink after you

The door widens, your belly hurts, 
beneath your mask you drip sweat,
and just as you reach it, hiss, pain, flame on your back
and from the door, bone man exits clink clank

Two bone men, will take you to the fire
two bone men, don't want your scary mask,
the candy you can keep, your tears mustn't weep
just pass over the pumpkin, they'll be gone from sight.

Clink Clank, phew, bone men, toting pumpkin,
lit from within, their hands holding it, opposite twins
clink clank, they are going, going kabooom
straight into the air, and off to far off moon, phew.