I am in love

Written by: chandru ganesh S

Shining is all that I am seeing or am I dreaming?
Killing my yesterdays, today you came breezing
Heavens are unbolting, smoothly I m dying in you
Shall it take anything! All my dawns are with your love

I m the longing breeze, amidst your swaying and blooming hairs
I m the rolling droplet of sweat, blushing to your eyebrows
My desires are the hanging tears on your butterfly eye lashes
My life is a dream longing in your black-pearly eyes

All my day I wish to hug you to my heart, hoping time ever lasts
Knowing your love is too sweet, I would kiss to taste your lips
A walk with my hands skimming around your hips is ever precious
Leaps for that you pluck your favorite evening flowers are my moments

On moon and sun, On me and my mirror, everywhere reflections are you
I m beyond depths to ever think of reaching where I were
I m damned in you, drowned in you, all I can get me back is in you
Before I discern, I m dissolving in you. …….. I am in love