Written by: Manoj Kumar

A frail figure walks by me
Drooping shoulders, and eyes that can't see
Shoulders that once were broad and proud
His words still commanding, though they aren't loud

A ragged coat on his back to keep the winter away
He salutes his flag, watches it sway
With medals shining on his chest, he marches with grace
His shoes torn yet so shiny, in it you can see your face

With tears in his eyes, his medals he does offer
As the nation doesn't have money in its coffer
To feed and cloth him, to protect his dignity
Forgetting how he fought our enemies without a trace of pity

Isn't there something we can do, soldiers and civilians alike
Can't we restore his sight, his pride, his might
Should we just watch the spectacle of how from grace he fell
Or should we make an effort so that his fears we can quell

Wake up! Oh! great nation, from your slumber so deep
We too have promises to keep
Let us help him live, change the trend
So he is at peace, when his days end