a dreamy vanity

Written by: ayo okpaku

A bowl of pop-corn and some french pies
a glass of lemonade and a bread slice
the tale looks quite nice
but i don't care whats the price.

A parcel of candy and a bowl of moss
some pizza and some buns with the cross
I'm really at a gross
all this could cause the shrieking of a purse.

OH!, a roller coaster
some sand-witch and a bread toaster
a tray of pork
and potatoes and chicken in bulk

Towards the rear comes a plump boy
to me his more like a toy
at the back of his shirt is the name Roy
on the front is the picture of the city troy.

It's becoming a circus
Roy's brought along his caucus
amongst them is my neighbor Marcus
really a slim thorny cactus.

A tall looking clown
with a stern frown
some children with crowns
and some horses brown.