Written by: ROHINI GUPTA

                    In my youth I never experienced what was fright

                    I used to pedal from my studio quite late at night

                    Cross a railway bridge supposed to be haunted

                    None to be seen at that hour as no one wanted

                    Yet a young man I always used to see

                    Once I said hello! when he rode past me

                    "Don't you feel afraid?" and "No-Never"  I had said

                     You know the difference between living and dead"

                     Showing no interest I just shook my head

                     But he went on with his spooky talks instead

                     The arguments and debate went too hot

                     I accepted his challenge to visit a spot

                     The night was chilled and the sky cloudy and dark

                     Raced fifteen miles till we heard some dogs bark

                     We reached a village surrounded by dark  hills

                     Where corpses were being cut in its saw mills

                     And I could hear the painful howls

                     Amidst the screeching of the owls
                     Shocked, I tried to speak to my friend

                      I received no response from his end

                      The terror of the situation was so deep

                      Even the moon was quite afraid to peep

                      Horrified and frightened I began to weep

                      Gradually I was being dragged into sleep

                      When I woke up just before the dawn

                      I found myself in a beautiful lawn

                     My companion enjoying his butter and toast

                     While I was having my coffee and bread

                     I had realized that my friend was a ghost

                     And no more I am alive but simply dead