Banshee's Cry

Written by: Akash Yadav

You shudder while you hear a cry;
Its the spirits come to bid thee goodbye--
The Banshee's call announcing death--
Whom it plays with, whom blesseth
Is not known until next days morn,
When all's revealed--you've got to move on
From this place of dwelling sojourn...

Ere when you hear the Banshee cry;
The Night-bird's weep and life's goodbye;
Ere the spirits' call of death,
Why dost thou not awake--why sleepest?
Why stayest thou the Grim's behest?
You'd better 'wake before the dawn,
Before all's lost--all is gone;
Hear the end before 'tis late,
And act--act to better thy fate;
This way maybe, you'll see this morn:
Let not World be the place sojourn...