The Leaves

Written by: Chad Wood

Leaves, they are
more beautiful, and far
yet settling in for their final rest.

The trees knew fall and, like newly wed brides, undressed - 
for their frost-winter-groom, now bears all truth, all best,
whose surly bark 'neath hidden lies plane

smooth flesh, fine grain - spring, rain,
leaves again.

See the honey star
who lights the endlessly black,
broken skies of tar,
like candles into shadows
it feels the hush, and tarries.

Hero healing autumn's scar
rest from death and honeymoon
"Sleep for now, and blossom soon"
"Save for romance, au revoir"

Measureless, their icy bar
frozen vocal mellow tune
breath like smoke from lit cigar
chattering, the leaves are strewn.

Seems the leaves with trees will spar
stirring winds as seasons swoon
sips the green from nature's spoon.
Such beautiful leaves, they are
much more beautiful, and far.