World's Diversity

Written by: Dowell Oba

My day's curtain closes at another's yolk
On a cricket's humming in jumps of 'hoppers,
A whistling salute as froggy vibes croak,
Quenching my sun in silent night whispers.

My soul takes flight, embracing the stars
Where dreams are made and wishes linger,
Drifting like meteors in welcoming hours,
Another's soul begins a pace in slumber.

My day's curtain opens though faraway drift
Whence my sunlight assumes full moon,
In sprouts of dawn and darkness bereft,
Sipping my strength from another's spoon.

My day takes life in the tick of noon
Where brief slanting shadows brace my clime,
Foreseeing fresh dawn from a weather's tune,
In our world's diversity and distinct time.