Nothingness and Strife

Written by: Akash Yadav

Standing in the passageway,
I restrain myself from moving on;
The panting and sweating have opened 
my eyes,
Even before the break of dawn.

Slowly the grayness pushes me
Into the purple haze;
I’ve left the moonlit night behind:
Mind’s all confused—in daze.

I did come to meet my peace here,
And I open a door;
Its creaking lurks into my ear—
I’m restless to the core.

Darkness in front of me,
Does shine on in a gleam;
Silence doesn’t let me cogitate—
Ruthless as it seems.

The slow patter of my feet
Doubles into four…
A struggle within; a struggle without—
A struggle to finish a chore:

My muffled mouth grunts and croaks,
As I try to set free;
Then as I’m made to starve for air,
There’s Light calling on me.

Whilst I’m brought down to the floor,
A rope’s tight round my neck;
The ground shall embrace my corpse 
As I shall lie here decked…