A Matter Of Discontent

Written by: SYLVIA Coulstock

When I have finished with this body
And hopefully ascend the heavenly stair,
I'm going to go into Heaven's workshop
And have a word with the management there.

I've not been too happy with their merchandise.
I feel I didn't receive of their best.
Perhaps I got one of the rejects.
Well it wasn't as good as some of the rest!

Oh the model was alright to begin with,
Then little flaws began to show.
Perhaps it was assembled by a -non peace- worker.
Or maybe an illegal immigrant from-down below-.

However it 's been of very poor quality.
It's needed alot of repair.
Another thing it creases too easily
It's got wrinkles everywhere.

Also the materials too stretchy,
It goes baggy after alot of use.
Needs to stand up better to stress and strain
Can't seem to take alot of abuse.

And if it gets a hole in it
It really is a pain!!
Oh you can repair it, stitch it up
But it's never quite the same again.

I also want to discuss style.
Sorry, I feel the design isn't up to scratch.
I want to know for example,
Why tops and bottoms just don't match?

I've noticed on quite a few models
Proportions all up the wall,
Overdone at the top,hips flared too much.
And I don't go for the pear shape at all!!!

Also I wanted to always look good in it,
Perhaps that's rather vain.
Well at least be comfortable with it
And not have cause to complain.

Some say I might get a replacement.
If I do one things for sure,
I'll check it out thoroughly next time
Before it leaves the production floor.