Lonely Travels

Written by: Ian Petch

Frail and weary of this walk
Turning around just asks for more
The burning truth that holds me near
The mirror is screaming into my ear

A nightmare waking to this place
Expressions of horror upon my face
Hidden to save me from the scars
Of seeing my hurt deliver harm

My eyes adjusted to foresee
A broken existence beyond the trees
The love that made this world a dream
Turned into loss as my mirror screamed

All passion spent on seeking loss
To forget what I’ve seen, at every cost
All silence victimized by sight
The loneliest visions to twist my mind

And all the reasons I exist
Slipping away, in to the mist
And all the love I can not spend
Holding me close, in an empty bed

Frail, weary, broken still
Awareness and knowledge will not refill
This heart that chaos can’t repair
As I journey alone throughout despair