I am no match for the devil

Written by: Abraham Lincoln

Am no match for the enemy that’s true,
I need God more than ever and so do you.
Am not magnifying Satan for who he is.
It’s not rocket science, the fact of the matter
Is this: 

The devil is alive and well, and here on planet earth
He dwell.  Unleashed among us for a certain time,
Once a heavenly arc angel, thrown down to hell.
He accuses us when we do what’s right, when in the
Wrong he laugh’s and cheers, but I have got bad news 
for him,  his head is bruised, he’s lost the fight. 

The devil is like a fierce dog, chained up tightly
To a post. His teeth is sharp his eyes focus on his prey
To wreck and ruin those in his way. Scripture declares 
He’s as a roaring lion, seeking for someone to devour
We must be connected to God, each second of every hour.

We are no match for the devil, and that’s as simple as that 
Not that we are weak, and allows him to have his way.
But our trust and dependence is on the almighty, who hears
Our faintest cry for help, when we pray.