Written by: SYLVIA Coulstock

Life is like a game of sport, Where skills can get you by. Goals are the targets to aim for, But sometimes direction is Too wide or too high. Yet you continue playing the game. As you learn by your mistakes. You feel good whenever You score the points, Grateful when given the breaks. Sometimes the crowd is with you. Sometimes you stand alone, But aware of who is the linesman Responsibility for action your own.... Life is about achievement, Yet disappointments and failure too Are also part of its' structure, Though its' playing is down to you. You can accept life has its' mishaps With courage to see them through. And make your targets clear and straight When in your power to do, Or you can give up without even trying Any of the challenges life passes to you..... You have the potential to be a winner By using all the skills you possess, And if you trust in life and value yourself As a person you'll be a success... Life's pitch is laid out before you. Run the course with your head and your heart, But remember what matters Is not winning or losing But how each plays their given part. So make sure to give it your very best shot Making your aims honest and true. And try to have faith in the rest of the team, Then Life will be a Winner for you. I wrote this for our Godson when he was a teenager He was and still is into football..