mystical place

Written by: susan viscione

There are many mystacal places to visit,
with shining delights, they do inquisate,
stars,and magical wizards,,as you walk in the door,
to this magical place, a scent of jasmine hits your face,
and many scents that I adore,
faces from far away lands, passing through your hands,
pictures of ghosts and witches, there is somthing in all these nitches,
rocks of so many colors, set up to make to make you smile,
while you are in this store, you can spend a long while,
palm readers to one side, fortune tellers to the other,
while thru this magical store you glide, for it is like no other,
a short time to let your mind go free,
and offer you some sanqtity,
a place where you can be at peace,
and enjoy a piece of serenity,
if only for a short time, your mind can be sublime.