Four Little Words

Written by: SYLVIA Coulstock

The buzzing wakes me,
The intercom.
It's the family.
We take off her coat,
Her little scarf and mitts.
She climbs in beside me.
Cold cheeks,
Little blocks of ice
Against my body ,toasty warm.

Shall we play?
Out comes Big Ted,
And the favourite book.
I read.
Big Ted looks on.
We sing twinkle twinkle,
Big Ted dances.
We sing again, Big Ted claps.
We take a bow
And we laugh.
I read again 
From the favourite book.

Two pairs of eyes
Sit entranced.
One, brought into reality
By the imagination of a child
The other pair locked into
A world of fantasy.
Warm, safe,
Wrapped in the arms
Of family love.

We sing again.
Big Ted is tired. 
I am tired,
The family see.
It's time to go.
We put on her coat,
Her little scarf and mitts.
Little arms hug tight,
Baby soft lips plant
A wet kiss on my cheeks.
And so her warmth leaves
With a wave of the hand.

I feel a familiar chill
Of emptiness descend
Upon me.
Then a new sound.
It carries through the letterbox,
Ascends the stairs
And reaches right 
Into my heart.
Just four little words.

I love you Nanny.