Night Promise, a Trijan Refrain

Written by: Krow Fischer

Sweet fortune sent love on the run
as fate has proved this night,
the stars can’t change what has begun
time tells what’s wrong or right.
Though winds may blow, a heart burns true
and faith still holds though storm may brew,
though winds may blow
though winds may blow,
what has been done none can undo.

Sweet fortune sent love on the run
swear to this vow be strong,
seal lovers bond what’s done is done
true love cannot be wrong.
Though ship may sail to distant shore
he shall return just as before,
though ship may sail
though ship may sail,
I know we’ll meet again once more.

Sweet fortune sent love on the run
alas the dawn draws near,
stark stands the truth in morning sun
though moon held hope so dear.
Such promises made in the night
still cannot make this wrong feel right,
such promises,
such promises,
lie empty in the morning light.