Written by: Anthony Dover

The earth of five million was of one speech,
Build it up, higher and higher, undie,
Towers of dub man,
circumvent his plan,
Suddenly behold the man, throw it down,
Speak of Babel, people uncomfortable,
Confound and confuse, scatter, no matter,
Shem, Arphaxad, Salah and Eber, a river,
Suddenly Nebuchadnezzar, tongue teach,
The king of dreams, wise men taught to lie each,
'I know of certainty that ye would gain this time,
And you and me did drink Babylon's fine wine,
Meshach and Abednego burn,
It's not your turn,
It's not your turn, unlearn,
Eat grass, lift thine eyes, dominion, you earned,
People's nations, languages and value gauges,
O Belshazzar, Mine, Tekel and Peres, hand write,
Written to see sooth to say, another day,
Oh Babylonites, there is no hope for you,
That they in their wisdom, worship devils,
Babylon the great,Mother of harlots nine,
You think divine, you think divine, you lying,
The smoke of her burning, truth unlearning,
The great Babylon come,
The whore sittetch down.
I am Alpha and Omega, beginning and end,
Babylon was cast down,
Every face a frown,
A New heaven and new earth, no hunger and thirst,
He reigns now for ever,
Babylon has gone.
And with it the words of the Wizard London.