The Nest

Written by: James Gibbons

In the vines by the rear door
She built her nest
Sat on her little blue green eggs
With all her mother care
Warmed by her maternal heat
Garage doors opened with a clatter
Snowbirds unloading winter stuff
Frightened, she left the eggs unattended
She gradually tolerated humans
Walking barely three feet away
Her head, beak, peeking out
Keeping a watchful eye
Then the blessed event
Four little squirrelly feather bundles
I even helped supply worms
Although she never acknowledged
This act of inter specie kindness
Gentle nudge to the nest
The babies instinctively stretched
Their scruffy scrawny necks
Upwards to be the first to lunch
Gawky youngsters
All yellow mouths and bills
Stretched wide for supper
Then they were gone!
I'm left with an empty nest syndrome.