Who Are You ? I am Nobody!

Written by: verlecia fields

what make a story, very believable
well presented proof 
overwhelmed facts 
someone soulful, crying, Trembling voice 
or a well groomed, educated face 

what would make, you believe me   
when i do not believe, it,  myself 
and i can't say, i saw it with my own eyes  
or touched it, with my own hands 
but what i do know, is that 
someone is making very sure 
I am not believable 
it not like i don't know why 
its just i can't fight back 
maybe its because 
i am nobody! 
and who are you?
who would stand by you 
If everything and everyone
you knew couldn't or wouldn't help you

hello! have we been introduced
i am nobody 

aka: in slaved lyricvixen