The Old Red Barn

Written by: Joshua Harris

The Old Red Barn

I look out over the field laid out before me,
The smell of fresh cut grass and dirt fill my senses. 

A white fence is running laps around the field
while the round bails of hay wait to be collected.

As I lean against the fence looking at the scene before me
I see the rolling hills like waves of green so bright I have to squint.

Trees are scattered along the landscape like spots on a Dalmatian
while creating the perfect shade for the exhausted livestock.

Off in the distance I can see a deer walking across the field
noticing each movement as it stops to feed.

The old red barn stands alone matching the beauty around it
reminding everyone that passes the beauty that comes with age.

The scene before me is a constant reminder of the changing of time
in a fast past world there will always be the memory of the old red barn to slow things down.