creation or destruction

Written by: anthony beesley

"to be played out as a theatrical battle.creation dressed in white destruction dressed in black"

let there be light 
let there be life
let there be love till the end of time
the grass,the trees,the birds,the bees...

bring on the darkness
bring on black death
bring on mad fear,hate and unrest
the fire,the smoke,sad sinners they choke...

the living,the giving
the helping,the healing
growing and glowing
good feelings keep flowing...

stealing and killing
destroying and dealing
the needy,the nasty,the sour and the seedy
toxic waste and the poisonous taste
mind pollution to rage revolutions...

trust and truth
the old and the new
out of the black and into the blue...

lust and lies
tangled ties that bind
suicide streams and dark devil dreams
it ends with a scream
revenge on a rope...

2 voices one choice
breathe free or take that final breath
choose life or choose death
look,listen,and learn as the world slowly turns...
creation or destruction