for jamie

Written by: Rachel Temkin

true, not a passerby could see
the the many things that you could see
nor could they see the colors of the twilight
or know that there must be light to form darkness

Nor could they perceive
the shadows that radiate from the halo
or that he who grants peace is he who declares war
and an advocate for war merely gives in to rabble

far fewer could tell what a river was thinking
as its waters are forever stripped 
from whatever home it knew
and is deposited into a vast and foreign sea

None else would know that a wheel does not turn 
but rather the earth it rests on spins without it
possibly the only stable thing in the universe
is one that cannot start or end

Only you could tell me
that to cross the bridge you must after set it asunder
and upon asking why, only you could respond:
so that from the ashes the next may too find a path