Perhaps, This is How Life Goes

Written by: Dayana Dikanbayeva

When blind dreams come true, I see the purpose of the past 
Its coming back to get me back to what it was,
So unthinkable in general, so depressing on the deep inside
Why don’t you leave me to what I am, give me one more chance
To live the life I wanted badly before you stepped on it 
I’ve got enough of what you gave me before I understood who you are

Your presence is killing me by just making me want more
I don’t pretend to be talking what I think, this is real and I mean it.
I can’t refuse… I am in control now
I want more, I can’t resist the flames touching the tips of my cold toes
The big wave hitting my whole body with eager to be back
To be the girl I always wanted to be when I watched them
Who showed me the wrong way, but made me fall in love with them.

The permanent feeling inside is stuck with all its roots grown into my mind
My mind, which was so fragile to think of life, that I don’t want now
But its too late, it haunts me too death of my mind
Its roots are too used to the pressure and love it tries to leave on me
I know, I can, but not anymore the way it installs the slide show

Yes there is a point, and I am writing it, it is set now, it might not be,
It has the wires I am not capable of supporting with my system
The acid it remains on my shoulders, seem so small, but so heavy
Killing me from the inside but still giving me the opportunity to breath
I asked for it, I’ll live with it, I wont forget, I will regret, I won’t forgive.