A house of no heart....

Written by: sarah hales

Years have past times have changed
But still a red door stands
Roses around the outside 
Thorns that have been left within
Walls that crawl closer to you
Secrets that they hide
Tears that have fallen 
Moments of joy as new birth has entered
A hope all would of been well
A struggle in timeless time
Passion denied water upon a flame
Laughter once shared but turned to fear
The pictures told a story 
Love that was hard and full of pain
A house of no heart
As tears appeared I remember how I dropped to my knees
To be drowned in ones own being
Witnessed by the house of no dreams
But still moments I will always keep close 
The times that were complete
The friends that I made the love that I gave
How my children played from tiny toes and smiles
Memories of happiness within my home
It feels like a life time to my young it is their lifetime
A house not any house my house