Written by: nette onclaud

descent of jeweled drops

just now, the saline smell of sleet
crawled on our cheeks , dripped on the hands
then sprawled out unto the shoulders
of fields tingling like chimes of
outstretched fireflies  ready to swoop
and balance their fragile rafters
under garments of  balmed branches---
isles of half-sunk blooms levitate as
if their mouths have hungered for 
cups of wine, perhaps, basins of 
morning broth from weeks of flushed

there i was, drenched in the sudden
pour of wet sheet unwilling to partake of
such weepy welcome…no. take me, melt me
have me in the sun!
bit by bit,  the same chimes
fluttered on my chest hugging the transparent
trickles in a gait of conga strut ---tunes jumping
from a piano’s  kiss, couples blending
as one satin-like figurine, alleys glistening 
silver, slippery skin. 
…and for all the flavors and moist touch of this
 symphony, zeus laughed as if nothing mattered.