Written by: Krishna Baalu

It was raining then with showers sweeping the town

With cool droplets driven by the breeze panning from dawn to dusk!

Prickling my lips my eyebrows my cheeks

Swinging my memories from butterflies of the yore!

Around my elementary school of age

Every fresh drop of rain smells as fresh as new earth

Tastes as sweet as nectar of the core!

Come Monsoon each time quiver each cell in me,

Kindles every memories in deep

Brings back my bygone smells of broken pencils,

Tender sweats, wonder scent of girl friends of mine

Each year each monsoon I grow year young by year young

I grow year after year; in leaps and bounds

in a hurry younger and younger

Close to my school close to my habitats close to my town

Like in a man machine, but in a memoirs machine

Back to life!

Krishna Baalu

© krishnabaalu/2010