a simple history

Written by: Rachel Temkin

Time can tell that all men fell 
On the morn post a starless eve
Leaving nothing behind
No remnants reside
Causing life’s tapestry to unweave

But someone on high must take pitty 
For some seeds managed to thrive
As if permitted 
To be transmitted
To a dimension of which to survive

And they planted and rooted and grew there
And grew first to seedlings then stems
And then into people
Who built up a steeple
To praise them and make their amends 

For every man knew what they owed them
And all of them paid them in kind
Faithfully praying 
And always they’re paying
Indulgence to those in the sky

And then these here creatures grew modern
And made new rules by which to live 
They hustle about
As they scream and they shout
Soon forgetting their purpose to give.

So the people up high soon grew angry
and threatened to smite all their kin
they took back all the stars
and revealed all the scars
that would punish them all for their sin

As foretold in the past, that these creatures wont last
But their story will ever be told
As a humorous tale
It is said without fail
That history does take its toll.