Are You Happy Now?

Written by: Destiny Echo

How are you gonna collect the beauty when it turns to dust?

Are you gonna chase every particle as it blows away in the wind?

Or are you gonna let it fall into a puddle and rust?

You say that you’re sorry, but apologies are worthless.

You should have thought about this when you used to leave me breathless.

Now all you have to offer me is a bad taste in my mouth

And scarred memories of times we used to share.

But that all changed when you walked away and said you didn’t care.

Well apparently you changed your mind.

But it’s a little too late.

You should have thought about that before you left me behind like I was deadweight.

I’ll admit, the times we shared were great, but things have changed.

I hope you’re happy with the way things turned out

Because I am without a doubt, as Happy as I’ll ever be

Without you next to me.