Written by: Dana Teske

the shadows are closing in i can not breath 
the demons are chasing me down run run run i can out run them 
drinking numbs all away and i close off all those who remind me the most
building walls not bridges is all that i can do i watch from afar of those i love yet i 
can not touch 
touching causes feeling and feeling causes pain
for none of us last forvever and then death appoches and i am left with more scars 
i know you are stuggling and i can not help for if i try my walls must come down
your eyes look just like the eyes that haunt my nightmares and i dont know if i have 
the strength to keep them and you by my side
your tears are my tears and i feel your pain so acute because it is my pain
we grow up with the same struggles and even at days share the same bed 
but can't you see brother for i am broken just like you and neither of us
can help each other