Nothing Compared To You

Written by: Destiny Echo

I feel like I’m nothing when I’m compared to you
It's as if I don't exist
Maybe that’s a good thing
It'll make things much easier when you break my fragile heart
It'll make it easier for me to fall apart
I’ll be left alone to pick up the pieces 
And tape them back together with
Hurt, hatred and loneliness
Which is something that you’ve managed to put an emphasis on
I hope you’re happy when you recycle me like the piece of paper I am
I hope you’re able to smile when you think of how much your words tormented me
I hope you’re happy with the way you treated me, and one last thing
I hope you take the time to think about the daggers that you stabbed through my forsaken 
heart and realize
 I’m the best thing that has ever happened to you
 and without me
 you are nothing but a misspelled word on a loose-leaf paper ball
 crumpled up and standing alone with my
 Sympathy, my pain, my tears and these words.